Sunday, 1 July 2012

Travelling to Brasil

After having one of those days where everything goes wrong inc Tap airlines forgetting to order my vegetarian meals (despite email confirmation from a customer service manager weeks ago) and a huge queue forming for the toilet on the plane after 2 Brasileiras went in together stayed in for ages, finally coming out with certain smiles on their faces! (yes in my inexpert opinion, before everyone asks, one was very hot, the other was a little on the tubby side but still quite pretty;)
On the plus side my Portuguese got a little warm up chatting to a nice Brazilian woman with no English sitting next to me on the plane and trying and failing to get some vegetarian food on the stop over in Portugal.
Pick up from the airport went smoothly as I used a taxi sent by Connection Rio, and I quickly settled into the Premier house which is across the road from the original Connection Rio HQ where I stayed for my last visit to Brasil.

After many months of counting down I'm finally here! :D

 View from the Balcony of the common room at Connection Rio Premier Where I am staying!

Turning around and looking up! Pedra De Gavea!